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ohio statehouse

Vorys Advisors excels in guiding clients to the right doors and helping them understand, engage and influence the policy dialogue. 

The bipartisan team has assisted clients in formulating strategic plans, devising and drafting proposed legislation, ordinances and amendments, and in preparing testimony and other submissions offered by clients, sponsors, witnesses and advocates. As former legislators, Tom Niehaus and Lou Gentile, respectively, know the intricacies of parliamentary procedure and help clients craft effective strategies to support, oppose or amend legislation. They are also experienced in advocating our clients’ positions to lawmakers, their staffs and potential supporters or coalition members.   Other Vorys Advisors principals have vast experience advising Ohio, regional, and national clients on legislative matters and governmental relations. 

Vorys Advisors has built credibility and strong bipartisan relationships with key decision-makers on all levels of government.  The relationships they have formed with federal, state and local public officials provide extraordinary access to these important decision makers.

Vorys Advisors engages Ohio lawmakers in legislative and related administrative activities on behalf of Ohio, regional, national and international clients. Most recently, they have advocated successfully in areas related to:

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